Power of the Purse Design Fundraiser - Post 2

Our upcycling collaboration with Claire Coffee is progressing nicely. This time Claire brought along her faithful traveling companion, Calvin. His introduction was well timed because Claire has been on the market for a diaper bag for some time now. Ergo Looptworks will be collaborating with Claire and Calvin to design a custom diaper bag.

But not just any diaper bag. Claire has a tote style diaper bag already, but she’s not happy with it.  She's been on the lookout for a backpack style bag for hands free use. She also has been unable to find something that doesn’t look frumpy, or—well—like a diaper bag. She therefore wants something that’s casual enough to take shopping, but nice enough so that it won’t look out of place when she and her husband are at dinner.

All this feedback has given our Product Line Manager, Tamara, and our Designer, Melanie, a lot to work with.

Here are a few of the concept sketches and a quick mock up that Melanie threw together the night before!

All of this work is leading up to the Power of The Purse design fundraiser that will be taking place in March 2016.

Check back here periodically to follow the process from the early concept sketches to the final auction item! Have any input on the process? We'd love to hear it. Leave a comment below.

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