Introducing: The Calvin

The Calvin has officially launched on Kickstarter. Pre-order it here.

A design collaboration with Grimm superstar, Claire Coffee, and Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest

Looptworks and Claire Coffee (NBC's Grimm) partnered to create her perfect diaper bag for Girls Inc.'s Power of the Purse event. After 4 iterations and countless hours, the end result is pretty sweet. In Claire’s words: “From the get go, it was like Melanie and Tamara were finishing my sentences. Everything they did was so on point with what I think of as attractive and useful. The finished product exceeded my wildest expectations!”

A beautiful world for Calvin

Motherhood got Claire thinking about what kind of world her son, Calvin, would grow up in. Each upcycled bag conserves resources, making a better world for Calvin and for our kids.

The Power of the Purse

The original backpack was created for the annual runway-style fundraiser, The Power of the Purse.  These bags help raise thousands of dollars to support Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest programming.

Strong, smart, and bold

10% of the sale of each bag will go back to Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest to support their mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Photo of Claire and Calvin by Luke and Mallory

Order The Calvin

Our Kickstarter was successful.  Though the campaign is now closed, you can pre-order your very own Calvin here.

3 Responses

Trina Zelle
Trina Zelle

March 08, 2016

As a Presbyterian minister, I love the idea of a Calvin bag (i.e. theologically, Presbyterians are known as Calvinists – and we’re pretty nerdy). Plus supporting girls – it’s a win all around.


February 29, 2016

Claire, Is there a Kickstarter for the fisherman sweater you are wearing? Got no baby now, but I’m dying for one of those. Rebecca

Jason Barton
Jason Barton

February 28, 2016

I want to thank Looptworks for doing such a great thing for our community. It’s rare to see a company give back know days. Also for a celebrity to join in such a worthy cause. Wish I can shake her hand and thank her. Based on what I read you have made a customer for life.

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