A Happy Accident: the Story of the Mini Dopp Kit

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Looptworks Travel Accessories: the Dopp Kits

Our new compact-sized dopp kit initially came about via a happy accident, due to a mix up in terms of scale. It could have been the result of Pym Particles, or simply not being specific enough, but in the end, the dies we ordered (used to punch out the leather in the cutting phase of construction) resulted in a scaled down, mini-sized version of our new dopp kit.

Or was it the perfect size for the every day carry?

makeup bag

One of our designers was captivated by its small size and surprisingly useful capacity, so we sent it home with her to use for the week and report back. She loved the fact it fit snugly into her Looptworks tote, carried all her makeup essentials as well as post lunch time maintenance supplies. Since she couldn't stop talking about it, we made a few more for other staffers to try out.

in flight dopp kits

Our regular size" dopp kit, pictured with our new mini dopp kit.

It turns out it isn't just a cute mini travel kit, but we continued to find additional ways to utilize the handy carrying case. In fact, names for the bag began materializing based on who and how it was used.

Amongst our favorites were: 

make up touch up kit

The mini-touch up bag. 

 Get Lucky Bag

The overnighter kit — AKA the "Get Lucky Bag". (Note: for full effect, this Daft Punk video should be playing in the background)

the "party on" bag

The Party-On Bag (like carry-on, get it? but for your booze)

 medicine bag

The em, "medicine bag". Hey, it's legal here in Oregon!


No matter how we looked at it or what we call it, this mini carrying case clearly is a happy accident worth sharing!