Behind the Scenes: Upcycling Excess Leather in China

In order to keep the carbon footprint of the products we make as low as possible, we produce them in the location we find it. And since many of the items we create come from factories we work with overseas, we upcycle the excess leather in using those same facilities or partner factories close by.

The sizes of the hides and pieces available often play into the design of our products.

Repurposing quality leather materials that didn't quite make it into boots, shoes, handbags and belts keep these materials them from becoming waste.

Upcycling leather for items like our Luhu Leather folio, (sized perfectly for toting an iPad or sketchbook) Hainan iPhone Wallet and Shaxi iPad Folio save water and resources over products made using virgin leather.

You can view our collection of small leather goods here.