Being a B Corporation is in Our DNA - Here's Why
If you know Looptworks, you know it all started with a problem - one of waste within the apparel industry. But founder Scott Hamlin quickly saw that the waste didn’t stop there.
It was everywhere. It was a problem that he knew needed to be solved outside of any singular industry, but across all of them. So he founded Looptworks.
Not long after it's inception, it became very clear to Scott that business can be built as a tool for good. 
Throughout the 10 years, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same - Scott's mission for Looptworks. From day 1, he set out: 
  • to change industry
  • to give back
  • to create a business that could inspire industry as a whole to be a dominant force for good 
Not long after, he discovered the B Corp certification and crossed paths with other B Corp founders. “I immediately realized that these are my people. These are people who want a similar end goal and are simply doing it in their own way.” 
And from then on, Looptworks has chosen to be part of the solution rather than a piece of the problem. Being a B Corp not only holds us accountable to that, but it gives us the resources to grow and to do good in areas we never thought imaginable.  

Our Story