Bon Iver x Looptworks


After numerous shows, Bon Iver was left with excess merch from previous tours. But they didn't want it to go to waste, so they turned to Looptworks.

We are all connected through music, and it has the power to break down barriers and overcome any distance between one another. It’s an expression; through music, through art, and in all aspects of being a band. Instead of throwing things away, they’re preserving them without waste and providing hope for a cleaner future.

The Bon Iver x Looptworks Upcycled Collection is made using excess merchandise and upcycled polyester. Rather than producing the same thing from virgin material, each upcycled item helps protect our natural resources and conserve energy.

Each Packable Backpack Saves

95 Gallons of Water

Each Hip Pack Saves

6 Gallons of Water

Each Pillow Saves

20 Gallons of Water

 Check out our entire line of Bon Iver x Looptworks merch available here.

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