Creating A Timeless Duffle Bag

The design of the classic duffel bag has come a long way since its initial inception as a military issued carryall. Early iterations took the form of a top loading cylindrical hold-all bag with a drawstring closure. These bags were practical, but since their inception, they've evolved to take on a number of forms.

Nowadays, duffels have been created to take on a variety of scenarios - the weekender bag, carryall, roller bag and the gym bag all have a place and purpose.

on holiday

When the time came to craft our own take on the duffel bag, our goal was to create a timeless classic. We work to intercept quality materials in order to divert and minimize waste in the world, so choosing a durable material that could stand the test of time and be offered with a lifetime warranty was paramount.

We found it in Langlitz Leathers. A local, family owned business based in Portland, just down the road from our current headquarters, they specialize in creating custom motorcycle jackets. It turns out a material worthy of saving your skin on the road makes for an extremely durable (and badass) duffel bag.

Now we had our material, it was time to turn our eye to the form.

Many duffels are designed in a cylindrical shape which is pleasing to the eye but smooshes all of the contents of your luggage. A boxy, rectangular shape keeps all of your clothing and items organized, but can be awkward to rest against the body when carrying it.

Looptworks weekender duffel in the alaska airlines iteration.

We found a happy medium using a form that was a mix of the two; a triangular shape, wider at the base, tapering up towards the top allows the bag to be filled efficiently while maintaining its structure. The bag can then be easily closed (we all hate those sticky, stubborn zippers) and thrown over the shoulder for easy carry with shoulder straps or carry handles.

All leather Looptworks Duffel Bags utilize durable brass hardware, in addition to time tested YKK zippers. The brass clasps and hooks complement the high-grade leather used in the bags and are as visually stunning as they are lasting. Additionally, the zippers run from end-wall to end-wall of the bag rather than simply across the top. This allows for full access into the bag with no effort required.

The leather we use can vary, based on where we find it; the In Flight LUV Duffel is crafted from leather repurposed from retired Southwest Airlines seat covers. This material has years and thousands of air miles logged making them unique companions with a storied history, well suited for the weekend warrior with an affinity for aviation.  Paired with a Looptworks Luggage Tag, these bags will have heads turning wherever your travels take you.

southest airlines luv weekender duffel

The leather on the Weekender matches the pattern present on the vintage seats and is the ultimate way to broadcast your love for the airline. Coming in at 22W” x 10.5”H x 10.5”, these bags will easily qualify as a carry-on item for your next flight. 

upcycled duffel bag

A recent addition to the Looptworks collection, our packable travel collection is a useful complement for any traveler. Packing into their own stuff pocket, these bags can be stored easily but expand when needed.

packable duffel bags made from industry excess

Whether embarking on an international voyage or a weekend ‘gotta-get-away’ trip, the Packable Duffel Bag is a handy addition. Featuring an external pocket for smaller items and an internal pocket for packing the bag into a compact toiletry bag-sized package, the Package Duffel can be utilized for trips to the gym, instantaneous river outings, and weekend expeditions. Capable of fitting into a gym locker and taking up minimal space in the trunk of a car, the Packable Duffel is a great option for gathering your gear. The ability to fold into itself makes the duffel a souvenir collector’s best friend, as it can fit into any suitcase on the way to the destination and unfold to carry goodies back home easily. The Duffel is constructed with quick-drying, upcycled polyester ripstop material from outdoor legacy brand Royal Robbins, ensuring that your gear arrives with you safely.

packable travel bags, perfect for when you biu more than you planned


We are confident that you will be satisfied with whichever Duffel Bag that you decide on, and will enjoy giving these unique, upcycled textiles a second life.