A Backpack for Going... Everywhere

Many of us at Looptworks commute to the office by bike, so when we designed our latest backpack, we knew it had to be useful for cycling. Since we also often find ourselves squeezing onto the Max Commuter train during rush hour, we wanted it to have a low profile to avoid knocking people over.

Our solution? A rolltop pack. Introducing the Going Rolltop Backpack. Upcycled from industry pre-consumer excess materials, our new pack features a low profile when toting our essentials — a laptop, notebook, water bottle and coffee cup — you know the important things. 

The rolltop design also meant we could have our cake and eat it too! In the event we needed to stop at the store on our ride home, the roll top expands almost magically to absorb a ridiculous amount of gear - or groceries. 

 highlights of the going backpack

For us to want to carry it daily, it needed to be versatile enough for hiking or heading to the lake. We also have all had a few issues with the bags we used in the past that we had to get right if we were going to make one. The number one issue? Water bottle pockets. Some packs on feature a single pocket, which makes them carry the load awkwardly. And what if you want to carry your water AND your coffee? (Or also importantly, your beers for that hike to the lake!)

So we added dual water pottle pockets that were deep enough to carry all of our go to containers, whether it was a basic waterbottle or insulated coffee cup or one of our favorites, the insulated waterbottle from our friends at Hydroflask. 

hiking with the Going Rolltop pack at Lost Lake in Whistler, BC

They also of course will hold a beer securely, (see photo above) even if you have to perform a running long jump to clear a creek on the hike in. (seriously, we tested it) It'll even hold a full bottle of wine!

After thoroughly testing our water bottle pockets, we decided our closure buckle needed to go to the next level. While the materials for the bag are all upcycled from pre-consumer excess materials, we obviously use new thread in constructing our bags. That also extends to our zippers and closures, as we offer a lifetime guarantee, and we stand by our products. (the drawstrings and toggles on the Going Pack are upcycled by the way) For the closure we turned to Fidlock and their magnetic buckle.

Best Selling Upcycled Backpack: Springwater

The Fidlock offers quick on, one-handed operation for fast easy access to your gear. We of course included a number of other important features to the pack like a padded laptop sleeve, internal zippered pocket for organization and an external zipper pocket as well as accessory loops for a light. And because it rains so much here, we used a material that features a water-resistant coating.

Available in gray and black, the Going Rolltop backpack is made here in the USA in limited edition quantities, so if you like it, get one before they're going, going.. gone!

Grey Springwater Backpack