We EcoChallenge You: October 11-25

 We EcoChallenge You: October 11-25

October: a month of ghouls and goblins, way too much candy – and now, the EcoChallenge.
What is the EcoChallenge?

To put it simply, it's a friendly competition where everyone wins: you, me and the Earth. Powered by the Northwest Earth Institute, Looptworks has joined the Challenge as a sponsor. We also are participating as a team - and would love to have you join us!

Let's think and talk sustainability! Health! Community! Participants will challenge themselves to perform a sustainable action for two weeks... and ideally, beyond.

How Do You Do It?

Join the Looptworks team — the Looptworks Upcyclers — or sign-up individually and start your own!

Once you're signed up, choose an action — or more if you're up for the challenge — from one of the nine categories: energy, waste, water, transportation, community, simplicity, health, nature or food. You can also create your own. Then, stick with it for two weeks while logging into your dashboard to share your progress with other participants. (including us!)

Registration for the 2017 EcoChallenge (link) is now open! Invite your family and friends and if you want to join us as part of our team, click here.

Learn more at ecochallenge.org

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Why Do It?

The goal of the challenge is to create new, positive habits. New habits turn commitments into actions, reduces our impact on the earth, is a way for us to contribute to the future and creates an individualized positive change. It's a way to make change a little easier and a lot more fun.   

Many Small Actions = A Big Impact