Employee Spotlight: Meet Alex

Though our network of partners and collaborators spans the globe, our Portland office is made up of a tight knit team that tackles problems head on to find creative ways to upcycle excess materials others see as waste.

Meet Alex Kramer. Though relatively new to the Looptworks team, she's already gained office fame as the designer of our popular In Flight Dopp Kit.


Getting custom bags ready for this year's Power of the Purse Fundraiser

Tell us about yourself: Who are you and where are you from?

I grew up in Cranberry, a city 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA, and went to school at Kent State University in Ohio where I earned my BA in Fashion Design.

Describe your personal aesthetic, likes and dislikes..

I'm a fan of minimalism. I love clean, purposeful lines. Design where everything has a reason with no unnecessary stuff.

What do you do here at Looptworks?

Hah! A lot of different things. Sometimes I am a mechanic and fix a machine. Sometimes I am designing, or working on a tech pack. Other days I'm traveling to our local factories about sampling and production.

 Getting ready to head home for the holidays with the Inflight Tote Bag

Getting ready to head home for the holidays with the Inflight Tote Bag

What do you like about Portland?

Portland is great in the sense you can seek out any experience you want to have that day, whether it's the beach, rocks, forest, mountains, freshwater or urban experiences. I can be in the city for breakfast, but if I want to go to the beach it's totally doable.

What do you do when you’re not here at the office? (or running around to factories and doing errands) 

I like to draw a lot and work on creative personal projects. I read a lot of weird stuff that I find interesting. Recently I started a garden on my balcony. We will see how it goes though - I'm not holding my breath!

 Cutting a leather strap for our Power of the Purse donation

Cutting a leather strap for our Power of the Purse donation

Where did you first hear about upcycling?

At Kent I did a project where we had to go to Goodwill, get old stuff and turn it into a Blazer. It was interesting and I had a lot of fun. I chose a blazer and turned all the pieces upside down and used them to create a new one that was upside down and backward- if that makes sense?

How did you hear about Looptworks?

I have a strong interest in sustainable fashion that initially led me to seek out companies with similar values. I feel it is important to do something positive with my career, especially with so much negativity happening in the country right now.

What's your biggest challenge at Looptworks?

In email correspondence with some of our suppliers, they keep referring to me as a "gentleman" because of my name!

What's your favorite LW product?

It's a tie between the Moto Sling Bag and Moto Hip Pack. Obviously I'm fond of the Dopp Kit. I have a bunch! 

Shop Alex's favorite Looptworks products here.

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