Employee Spotlight: Meet Una

Getting to Know LooptworksMeet Una Rose! Part of the product development team here at Looptworks, Una helps us create and transform products from excess into great, useful products.

una at work

Tell us about yourself: Who are you and where are you from?

I was born in Northern Ireland (that's where my name comes from), but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I went to school at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, where I earned my BFA with a concentration in Fiber Art.

Describe your personal aesthetic, likes, and dislikes..

My aesthetic is ever changing but falls somewhere between classic silhouettes and something out of a John Waters movie. I'm not afraid of kitsch — but I can tone it down when I need to.


What do you do here at Looptworks?

I sew! I do a lot of the production, but also pattern and prototype new products.

What do you like about Portland?

How easy it is to get out of the city. I love camping and hiking in the Mt. Hood National Forest. I'm in love with the Oregon Department of Forestry signage there — it is definitely of another era. I also love going to Sauvie Island during the Summer to hang out on the beach, and swim in the Columbia River.

una camping

What do you do when you’re not here at the office?

Sew! For myself, for other people, for whatever reason. I'm in the process of starting up my clothing line again, which went on hiatus while I was in school.

When did you first hear about upcycling?

Around the age of 12. I became interested in upcycling at the same time I became interested in sewing and patterning. Many of my first projects were clothes that I upcycled with the help of DIY videos on YouTube. I still upcycle clothes all the time -- nearly every single item in my closet has been altered in some way.

How did you hear about Looptworks?

When I was looking for jobs out of college, I knew I wanted to work for a company that aligned with my principles. Sadly, sustainability is a low priority for most of the fashion industry. Looptworks seemed like the perfect fit -- I get to develop and produce products I feel good about.

una sewing on the

What's your biggest challenge at Looptworks?

Fighting with our now defunct Juki sewing machine. RIP. (we recently replaced our Juki with two new refurbished models thanks to Julio, our sewing machine specialist)

What's your favorite LW product?

The Moto Hip Pack! I just took it camping this weekend, and it was perfect. I'm also really excited about some of the new products we're developing. I can't wait for the launch!


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