Folding Shot Ski, Will Travel (Plus Other Amazing Gift Ideas for the Holidays)

Looptworks upcycled folding shot ski at Timberline

Why are these outdoor lovers so happy? Because our Looptlabs product development team ambushed them mid-hike and recruited them as product testers for our newest (re)invention, the Upcycled Folding Shot Ski!

"What's a shot ski" you ask? Why, it's very much like it sounds! A shot ski is a ski with shot glasses attached, allowing you and 3 other friends to coordinate your drinking and social interaction simultaneously.  

group taking a shot with the shotski

Of course, it should go without saying that we recommend drinking responsibly. That said, producing a shot ski is most certainly a recipe for instant fun. (they're also an instant hit at weddings, holiday parties and social gatherings!)

Upcycling skis is a fantastic method of utilizing yesterday's cutting edge ski technology. Thrift stores, second hand sellers and land fills are filled with retired skis and sporting equipment from yesterday. Created in collaboration with our friends at Deviation Snowboard and Ski Works and Forefront Skis, our Upcycled Shot Ski is constructed from rescued skis and ski boot buckles, putting them to good use and giving them a second life.

folded up traveling shotski

You don't need a roof rack to bring the party either — our Shot Ski folds in half and includes a carrying bag for easy transport and storage. We constructed the bag from retired tent flies, saving them from the landfill. By reusing and upcycling the materials we also save water and reduce carbon emissions! 

 chasing a shot with Rogue IPA

After doing a shot, we enjoy chasing it with our favorite Rogue ale or IPA. After a day on the mountain though, it's nice to keep your hands warm and drink cold, so we made an upcycled koozie with the Felt & Leather from our Felt & Leather collection.

Keep it classy while imbibing with friends!

apres ski chilled refreshments from Rogue Ales

To wrap it up, we also came up with an Upcycled Oak Bottle Opener. Hand crafted from reclaimed oak barrel staves previously used by local wineries and distilleries, they've already lived intoxicatingly adventurous lives. Each bottle opener bares its unique markings of production and process.  

Looptworks upcycled oak bottle opener

The shape of the opener feels great in hand, facilitating the removal of bottle caps without bending the crown, allowing the reuse of the caps and making them ideal for the home brewers among us.

  A small magnet is embedded in the wood to hold the cap after removal.

View the Upcycled Bottle Opener and our other sustainable, eco-friendly gift ideas at

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