Introducing #clothesforgood

Join the Loopt Foundation and EcoAthlete's dedicated world-class athletes in taking simple steps everyone can take to reduce the impact of our clothes. 8 billion people in the world wear clothes everyday. If we act now, we can turn these clothes into a force for good and revolutionize the apparel industry.

Each month they provide a different #clothes4good action to take and share with others so we can collectively turn awareness into action.

November’s topic is:
#SWAG (Swear to Wear All Garments)

The average U.S. shopper currently purchases over 59 pieces of clothing every year but does not wear 50% of the clothes in their closet!

Thanks to the rise of fast fashion and our willingness to throw out our old clothes, we seldom consider the relationship we have with our garments. We often buy without thinking about whether we really love them or how much they will be used, nor are most of us aware of the environmental and social costs that go with throwing our clothes into the trash when their ultimate destination is the landfill.

The most sustainable, simplest, and most economical solution to this problem is simply Swear to Wear All of our Garments - #SWAG. Wearing more of our clothes more often is the easiest way to extend their life cycle and keep them out of landfills. That is where they degrade into methane, a 30x to 40x more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

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