Introducing the 'La Vallée' and the Hills Wallet Collection

new upcycled leather wallets

We're pleased to announce the introduction of La Vallée and the Hill, a new collection of wallets for men and women!

Meet La Vallée, the only wallet you'll ever need. 

La Vallée wallet began as a personal project by one of our talented craftspeople. Angelina wanted a women’s wallet that held ALL her necessities. That list of necessary items included cards, bills, coins, phone and keys.

la vallee womens wallet

It resulted in an all-in-one wallet that continued to evolve. Adding D-rings allowed her to attach a cross body strap and a wristlet, allowing it to transform based on the activity of the day.

It also inspired the design of the Hill, a matching men's bifold wallet utilizing a similar aesthetic. Click here to view the new wallets and receive a pre-order discount this week at!

 upcycled womens leather wallet

From Angelina:

It’s not uncommon to have an array of bags for different scenarios. A backpack for hiking, briefcase for work, dress purse, casual purse, etc. Each bag may serve you well, however each time you transition from bag to bag, you run the risk of forgetting crucial items. Additionally, at times I don’t want any purse or bag at all. For example, when I go to concerts or for long walks, I want to move freely and not worry about keeping track of anything. This all-in-one wallet bundles the most crucial items together, and with the optional cross-body strap, it can work as a wallet , clutch or as its own minimal bag.

It was important that minimal elegance was carried through aesthetically, as I needed an accessory that would be appropriate in a variety of settings. My design process led me to the simple lines of an envelope. With handsome leather and classic lines, this wallet design is appropriate in casual as well as formal settings.

edwin hill inspired upcycled wallets

The geometry of the envelope carried through to the Hill wallet. The goal here was to allow the user maximum freedom. As men are able to wear all of their necessities in their pockets, a simple bifold wallet with minimal bulk, permits the most freedom.

 mens upcycled wallets

Named for Edwin Hill, the Navy hero from the attack in Pearl Harbor,  the envelope shape is also reminiscent of a peak. As much of our staff spends their free time gazing at Mt. Hood from our office window, (and dreaming of the weekend where we're also recreating on Mt. Hood in our public lands) we like to think of the peak as the top of Mt. Hood.


We sourced the materials for the wallets from local industry shoe leather. Do you recognize any of the leather from you favorite Danner boots?

Click here to view the new wallet collection!