As our motto is "Excess Made Useful", finding alternative applications for our products is a frequent topic of discussion. Recently the conversation centered on one of our most popular lines, Neoprene device sleeves.

Once on track to becoming a wetsuit, then transformed into a sleeve to protect tech gear, we saw that our Neoprene Sleeves had the potential to do even more. Faced with the challenge, we all sat down one day and began brainstorming.

It wasn't difficult, and ideas began spitting out like popcorn. Talk is one thing though, so we put it to the test. Each member of the team took home a 10" sleeve — personal favorite and most versatile size — home to experiment with. It was so successful that we wanted to share our favorite alternative uses!


Our Top Three

1. Organize the little things

We’re used to not having time for the little things in life, but now we end up not having enough space for them either. Our lovely sewer and smiley Una stores her sewing utensils: pins, scissors, thread etc. An avid outdoorsman, Jason creatively hangs the travel sleeve — his favorite because of the handles — via a carabiner in his tent to store his phone, flashlight and utility knife while sleeping. And Jonathan, with a toddler and another on the way, stores wipes, diapers and all the necessary baby creams.

2. Organizing Those Travel Accessories

We all love to travel and get away as often as we can. Packing those essential accessories safely in an already full suitcase can be a headache — we feel your pain. With a Neoprene Sleeve, Alex separates her socks and intimates from the rest of her suitcase contents. For those lovely long car rides, Jonathan puts markers, coloring books and other forms of entertainment for his child in one. Camping in the forest means bumps and bruises are inevitable, so the sleeve transforms into a first aid kit for Jason.


3. Snack Time!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner have met their protector. Alex often finds herself in traffic, so she stores snacks in the sleeve for when she’s hungry, hangry or just bored. When Katey goes to the beach she uses it to keep the sand out of her sandwiches. For days at the park with his family, Scott stores food in glass containers, which the sleeve helps protect from outside forces.

From Legos, tools, kids arts and crafts to chords, pencils and jewelry, the list goes on and on. Feeling inspired? We’d love to see some of your ideas!

Click here to get your own, then leave a comment below or post on your favorite social channel and tag us or use #Looptlife. Making excess useful is good for the planet and for you.