Mindful Consumption Never Goes Out Of Fashion

by Alena Walsh
Mindful Consumption Never Goes Out Of Fashion


Fashion is arguably the most wasteful industry in the world. On pace to triple global production by 2050, they are set to produce more than 160 million tons of clothing. Virtually all clothing is completely recyclable yet 85% ends up in the dump, comprising 5% of all landfill waste. While the average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothing every year, the primary offender is in unsustainable business practices and wasteful production streams. Many labels will burn overstock rather than risk them ending up in a discount store and harming their luxury reputation. Up to a quarter of the total textile waste is produced before your favorite shirt even leaves the factory, which is where Looptworks steps in.

Seeing potential in unused and unloved kite sails, neoprene, petroleum-heavy polyester and more, the world was ours to shape in the Looptworks image. Until recently, being a mindful consumer meant compromise. It meant buying a product because it was the responsible choice instead of the desirable one. We’re here to reshape the industry by creating striking collections that are built to last while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and wasting the planet's precious resources. But we still have so far to go. It’s overwhelming to think about fighting textile waste as individuals but we have the power for real change.

How you can do your part:

1. Buy less

First and foremost, making mindful consumption choices, which sometimes means simply buying less or spending a pinch more for an item that is sure to last longer. Consuming less is definitely the least exciting way to help but has by far, the biggest impact.

2. Keep it in the loop

Give last season’s skirt another lap down the runway and host a clothing swap with friends to find fresh (to you) looks and extend the life of your items. Donate your items to thrift stores or textile recycling agencies that will strip down your items to their raw materials and reused.


3. Time to retire

Your laundry day sweats can’t go on. They are in no shape to be donated. It’s time to go. Strip them down to rags for cleaning to extend their use and avoid disposable towels.

4. Quick fixes

Mending a torn seam or lost button is intimidating for some but there is a LOT a $5 sewing kit and 10 minutes on YouTube can do. That favorite shirt isn’t done yet. You got this.

Learn more about the Loopt4Life Guarantee and shop with confidence. We demand all of our items are heirloom-quality, devoid of defects or manufacturing failures.