Pushing for Progress: 5 B-Corps in Portland

In honor of Earth Month, we wanted to highlight a few of our fellow certified B Corporations. We are proud to be part of a growing B-Corp community here in Portland and wish to continue growing the movement. These businesses help us reach our collective goal of becoming a sustainable city that continues to strive towards a progressive and environmentally conscious city.  

If supporting local businesses with values that align with your own, here are a few Portland-based businesses dedicated to utilizing business as a force for good.

new seasons grocery store b-corporation

  • New Seasons Market - A community-oriented supermarket that focuses on local ingredients and products as well as environmental responsibility. Their core values include caring for the planet, growing the community, and supporting the regional economy.
  • Bambu Home - This company focuses on crafting sustainable homegoods and dinnerware with the environment in mind. Gone are the days of plastic cutlery and paper plates, Bambu utensils have a modern aesthetic with a practical approach that make environmentally responsible dining a reality.
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery - A brewery with a mission beyond beer, HUB functions as a community meeting place and a business that strives to connect with its surroundings. Donating 1% of their proceeds towards a different organization every month, Hopworks also frequently sponsors local events to give back to the local Portland community.
  • Nossa Familia Coffee - Friends of the brand and a fixture of the Portland coffee scene, Nossa uses environmentally friendly roasting techniques and farm direct coffee sourcing methods.
  • A to Z Wineworks - Committed to Commerce with a Conscience, A to Z focuses on increasing female empowerment and raising up underrepresented individuals as well as community growth and development. With 100% of their grapes sourced here in Oregon, this company is dedicated to improving the way that we work.

While Seattle leads the way in the development of sustainable cities in the US, it is notable that the two runner-ups also fall along the West Coast (San Francisco and Portland). We are doing whatever we can to catch up to our European sustainability leaders, but we can always do more.

Portland certainly has the potential to grow into the Pacific Northwest’s hub for sustainability and environmentally sound business practices. With the assistance of our supporters and partners, we are well on our way to setting an example as a sustainable cityscape fighting for a greener future.

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