8 Awesome Things to Do While in Quarantine

8 Awesome Things to Do in Quarantine

Surprising ways to experience and appreciate our world while staying at home.

1. Virtually vagabond

Quarantine has lured a good many adventurous souls to The Couch. But while you’re there, you could be visiting far more inspiring destinations: there are opportunities to virtually walk the Great Wall of China, peruse the Smithsonian exhibits, and even go on a ranger-guided 360° tour of the volcanoes of Hawaii or the Kenai Fjords. Take this as inspiration for doing some destination and travel research--perhaps some virtual vagabonding will inspire saving up for the real thing. Half the fun is in daydreaming anyway.

2. Color Van Gogh paintings 

Coloring just became high culture with these Van Gogh downloadable coloring pages. Get even more creative with your materials--using old magazines, you can collage parts of the page for a strangely 3D effect. For more of an impressionist feel, try mixing dark paints and penciled pastels into swirling combinations. Now’s also a great time to brush up on all that art history! 

3. Start a can & carton herb garden

Even those of us living in small quarters can get a taste of planting season with a do-it-yourself herb garden. Time on your hands means time for sorting your recycling bin and for creatively re-purposing what you find. Anything from a Campbell’s soup can, to an unused tea canister, to an egg-carton can be converted into a bed for planting seeds. The best windowsill-ready herbs include: basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Plus, these are perfect for anticipating summer cooking.


4. Attend online festivals & concerts

Stream films from film festivals such as the Banff Film Festival and the Mountain Film Festival. NPR and Billboard have continuously updated lists of virtual concerts by well-known artists. Be sure to check social media to see if your favorite local musicians are performing any live-streamed concerts, too. Many artists are hard at work creating more opportunities for fan-engagement-- it could be nice to reach out with a kind message of support and get to chat with those musicians you admire. And if you’re feeling even more music-starved, you can attend the Metropolitan Opera, with new shows posted nightly. Make it a treat by dressing up and pouring a glass of wine (for effect).

5. Try out a meditation app

Mindfulness meditation apps such as Calm and Headspace promise to automatically transform your day--see if they work for you! Perhaps a simple meditation for ten minutes in the morning will radically soothe your mind before heading to answer that pile of emails or continue those spun-out Google searches. Now might be the time to turn a space in your home into a designated place for your practice-- adding cushions, plants, and calming scents can make disciplining the mind just a little bit easier.

6. Make music with a digital audio workstation

You may or may not have dreams of becoming a Soundcloud star, who’s to say? Sound technicians now have “how to make beats” workshops going on, such as the ones found on skillshare. If you need sounds to start off, splice.com is filled to the brim with royalty-free sounds for beginners. Music production softwares that you can easily download to your computer include Fruityloops and Garageband. Time to get started on your newest track.

7. Lions and tigers and bears-- online! 

Watch wolves, elephants, giraffes, and polar bears on any of these live webcams. Since routine is helpful in maintaining a sense of normalcy, waking up to check in on how the world looks in springtime could be a wonderful way to stay connected to the natural world, beyond your neighborhood morning walks. If flowers are one of your favorite parts of the season, check in on the Antelope Valley California poppies.

8. Take a stress-free dance or fitness class

The stress of being watched as you stumble through complicated choreography is no longer a threat with virtual dances classes. Support a local dance studio while learning anything from salsa, to hip-hop, to burlesque in the comfort of your bare feet. If dancing isn’t your thing, fitness apps are also a motivating and judgement-free way of getting some exercise in. Check out the Nike Training Club (NCT) app, which lets you customize workouts based on what kinds of equipment you have, while guiding you like a personal trainer would.

We hope these eight awesome things help ease your mind as we commit to keeping our communities safe. Hang in there and stay creative!

What are some ways you’ve made the best of quarantine?