Sustainable Brands: Looptworks at SB'16 San Diego

Nearly 1,500 business leaders gathered for the SB’16 San Diego event put on by Sustainable Brands, an organization devoted to professionals who are reshaping the future of commerce around the world.

Looptworks was a sponsor for SB’16, supplying upcycled T-Shirts for the event. And in staying true to the Looptworks mantra, every T-Shirt was made from excess materials. By utilizing materials that would otherwise be incinerated or disposed of, we saved an estimated 400 gallons of water and avoided 82% in carbon emissions.

Our CEO Scott Hamlin spoke on a panel with Jacqueline Drumheller from Alaska Airlines, Margaret Morey-Reuner from Timberland, and Ian Rosenberger from Thread regarding “New and Evolving Cases of Partnerships Devoted to Circularity and Upcycling.”

Our mission is to pioneer the way toward a circular economy, which is why being a part of Sustainable Brands is crucial to us: to be a part of a community of businesses that are leaders in sustainability and who are committed to shaping a future of responsible, environmentally conscious commerce.

Check out a short interview with Scott Hamlin at SB’16 below.


SB’16 San Diego Sponsor Interview: Looptworks - Scott Hamlin from Sustainable Brands on Vimeo.