Southwest Convertible Tote Back In Stock For Limited Time

February 04, 2019

To our fans that love our Southwest In Flight LUV Convertible Tote, thank you for making it one of our most popular bags, and we have some good news too! They are now back in stock.

If you’ve been waiting for the next round of in-stock totes, now’s your time to strike. Get yours before they’re gone!


But did you know upcycling comes with a few challenges? From design to implementation, the perfect bag requires precise design and planning to create something amazingly premium. And Looptworks is always here to accept the challenge!

Take our Convertible Tote as an example. Our tote is made from retired leather Southwest Airlines seats, so it’s already lived its first life. It’s gone through a lot on board Southwest’s planes, and it’s traveled across the world.

“It’s pretty difficult. It’s not easy. It’s already lived a pretty long life, so it’s quite stretchy,” said Looptwork’s Product Line Manager Alex Kramer.

Because of the stretch, sewing becomes more difficult as some pieces might shift around and be hard to stitch together correctly.

However, difficulty didn’t stop us from creating something of higher quality and value. We’re experts in upcycling, and we put in the work to give the leather a second life and to create a tote perfect for Southwest fans!

In fact, our tote went through a few phases of redevelopment to create the best version we could.

“We redeveloped it twice to make it even better than before,” said Kramer.

From design to production, some changes were necessary to create a solid tote. We wanted to make sure we were creating something exceptionally excellent!

The Southwest Convertible Tote continues to be a fan favorite, and you can read more on the rest of the collection here, and to pick up yours, click here!

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