Support Eco-Friendly Businesses, Do Good

Where we spend our money matters. Supporting ethical brands that create products sustainably not only helps them succeed, but the more they succeed, the more other businesses will take notice. 

If they do well enough, even big business will pay attention. And if enough of us shop our values, we can enable social change at a high level. That said, discovering alternative products and new brands can be challenging at times as well as time consuming. That's why we were excited when we met the team at a company called "DoneGood". (Like Looptworks, they're a certified b Corporation)

DoneGood has created a browser extension and mobile phone app that senses when you're shopping online and shows you options from socially responsible brands. 

Not only does it make it easy to find mission-driven brands, many of the participating brands offer a discount for the first time you utilize the extension or mobile app. (including Looptworks — we're offering 20% off to all @DoneGoodTeam extension users!)

To learn more and install the extension visit

done good browser extension

Other options

1. Looking for Green businesses in your local area? Greenopia is a business directory that makes it easy to find green solutions for every day living in your local area.

2. Green Seal is a nonprofit environmental certification program designed to help shoppers find green products for building and caring for the home. (cleaning products, soap, paint, light bulbs ect.)

3. Fairtrade is a certification for food products that refers to a set of standards ensuring farmers and workers are being paid decent wages in adequate working conditions. Learn more more at

4. Shop right here on Looptworks, A certified BCorp >