A Call to Join Wildfire Relief Efforts

As many of you know, the Northwest and West Coast regions have been dramatically impacted by wildfires resulting in sizable evacuations and significant damage to property--both private and commercial. Couple the wildfires with the ongoing pandemic, and many are left in extreme need.

We're devastated seeing these wildfires rip through the land we love and affecting the people we love. But if there is anything we know, it's that working together is our fastest way to recovery.

That said, we are here with an ask for support. If you have the means, whether near or far, we hope you'll consider donating to relief efforts outlined below or in other ways. Regardless of what you are capable of, it makes a difference so we thank you.

With love,
Team Looptworks

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(1) Contribute to The Wave Foundation 

The Wave Foundation has been working with community partners during the pandemic to provide relief and they are ready to mobilize additional support immediately. Every dollar donated will go to providing nutritious hot meals and food/supply boxes to communities that have undergone evacuation and/or experienced damage from wildfires.

You can read more & donate here! 

Additionally, they are accepting supply donations of produce, proteins, nonperishable foods/beverages, PPE, and misc. supplies. If you are local to PDX and can donate supplies, please reach out to The Wave Foundation at

Financial contributions are also gratefully accepted via a check sent to The Wave Foundation at 2000 NE 67th Ave. Portland, OR 97213.


Buy Masks for Those Affected!

Every dollar donated at will go to funding masks for those displaced by the fires and those on the front lines. With the immense layer of smoke that is currently covering the west coast, these masks not only continue to help in the prevention of COVID-19 spread, but they protect the health of anyone exposing themself to smoke and ash.

Click the button below to donate on our website, or if you are able to make a larger contribution of funds or masks of any kind, reach out to


Have other ideas or want to partner? You can reach out at and someone on our team will be in touch.