Sensi Graves Sideshore Collection

Sensi Graves x Looptworks Sideshore Partnership

Sustainability, innovation, and resourcefulness never goes out of style

Professional kiteboarder, Sensi Graves and her eponymous swimwear label, Sensi Graves Swim has been crafting sustainable swimwear that stays put since 2012. Being neighbors with such closely aligned missions, we both knew from the start we could have a lot of fun collaborating and saving the planet together. The kiteboarding sails she plays with are lightweight, extremely durable, and come in a wide-spectrum of summery colorways - perfect for our team to design with.

"With our shared background in the apparel industry, our mutual passion for water sports, and our commitments to the environment, it became clear it would be a ton of fun collaborating." says Looptworks, founder and CEO, Scott Hamlin.

Giving a second wind to looking fly 

We both wanted a rugged, functional and stylish collection of essentials. After weeks on the road, it's gear like this that you find yourself appreciating the most. A trusted pocketknife, your well worn jacket, and your go-to, grab-and-go pack. After brainstorming on how we could best work with this medium, The Sideshore Collection was born. Together we kept petroleum-heavy textiles out of our landfills by turning leftover kite material into your next getaway essentials that refuse to fade even after miles of adventures. 

It ain't what you got, it's what you do with what you got

At first glance, simple nylon sails are unassuming but we leveraged their qualities to the fullest extent. Naturally water resistant acrylic textiles keep the elements at bay. Rip-resistant and light as a feather, we created a collection that won't weigh you down and stays bright no matter how hard you test it. Our Seam Team had a blast crafting a collection that visually complimented Sensi's line of bikinis. By approaching the process with these set parameters, they were able to build a cohesive lookbook that's definitively summer. The kitesail material is easy to work with and accommodating to any design we could dream up. 

The Stash Sling was a personal favorite of Looptworks designer Madisen. "I wanted to make it fun and fresh. I designed it to be able to hold all of the essential items you would need while on your adventure." The paneling of the sling perfectly accented the undeniably cool color blocking aesthetic. 


Bring in the reinforcements 

Our Seam Team reinforced the stress points and seams of The Sideshore Collection. When paired with the resilience of sail materials, in addition to keeping these LONG lasting materials out of the landfills, you're investing in heirloom-quality gear you'll always keep by your side on the trail or train. 

90s neons

We immediately fell in love with the summery vibe of the color palettes we got to work with while developing The Sideshore Collection. It was impossible to deny the recurring retro sentiments we kept bumping into in the design process, so we decided to lean into it and couldn't be happier with the results.

Closing the loop

Most importantly, we slowed the demand for virgin materials by mindfully creating with already circulating resources. There is still plenty of room for fun and fashion in sustainability.  



Sensi Graves Sideshore Collection