Looptworks Seeks New Circularity Textile Facility

PORTLAND, Ore. (Sept. 20, 2021) — Looptworks, a certified B-Corp with over a decade of experience creating value from waste through textile circularity, announced today as a part of the company's 12th anniversary plans to build a textile circularity facility build-out in the Pacific Northwest. Based in Portland, Looptworks will focus on possible locations in Oregon and beyond, prioritizing workforce talent, transportation logistics and local government support in its efforts to find a space. 

WHO: Founded in 2009, Portland-based Looptworks is a champion of the circular economy. Their mission is to transform the world's excess textile materials into premium upcycled goods, recycled fibers and downcycled goods aims to eliminate global textile waste while inspiring people and businesses to reduce their impact on the planet. 

WHAT: A textile facility build-out in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest that expands upon the company’s multi-dimensional circularity solutions. 

WHERE: Looptworks is focusing on facility build-out locations in Oregon and/or other areas in the Pacific Northwest. 

WHEN: Facility selection in fall/winter 2021, facility build-out in 2022

WHY: Over 17 million tons of textile material end up in landfills annually. The recycling rate for all textiles, as of 2018, was less than 15%. There's a $125 billion* opportunity in creating a closed-loop (circular) system that incorporates recycled, upcycled and downcycled materials. 

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Looptworks’s existing partnerships — including the NBA, Nike, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Eddie Bauer, Walmart and Reformation — provide zero-waste landfill solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands.