Looptworks announces line of 100% recycled and recyclable apparel

Each Looptworks tee and fleece uses approximately 95% less water to produce

PORTLAND, Ore. June 2, 2022 — Looptworks, a certified B-Corp with a vision to end textile waste, has announced a new line of 100% recycled and recyclable t-shirts and fleece sweatshirts.

Designed to last longer than conventional clothing made with virgin materials, the fully circular apparel line sets a bold example for companies seeking innovative ways to remove waste from their textile supply chains.

Founder and CEO Scott Hamlin shares, “Our goal has always been to find ways to recycle materials back into a high-quality reusable form, because this is the most sustainable option. To date, upcycling excess materials has been our best strategy for reducing waste. Our apparel line achieves our vision of recycling clothing fibers into a quality, durable alternative to virgin fibers.”

Historically difficult to recycle, clothes leave consumers with few, if any, options for recycling. As a result, over 85% of clothing ends up in landfill. Circular by design, Looptworks new apparel line is an example of the type of clothing that can be manufactured using recycled fibers from their textile circularity facility here in the US. Looptworks announced it was starting its search for this facility last fall.

When it comes to consumption, Looptworks continues to stress that less is more. All Looptworks products are intentionally constructed to be durable and outlast the average lifespan of traditional products. Their line of tees and fleece sweatshirts are made for versatile, comfortable, everyday and everywhere wear.

To ensure their clothing stays out of the landfill forever, Looptworks has also launched a takeback program for their apparel line. The company will repair or recycle garments depending on their condition, ensuring they can be deconstructed, respun, and returned to their original state as recycled high-quality fibers.

For more information about Looptworks circular apparel visit: www.looptworks.com/circular


About Looptworks

Founded in 2009, Looptworks is a champion of the circular economy. A certified B Corporation and 2021 Best for the World award winner, Looptworks places as much value on protecting people and our environment as they do on growing a profitable business. Their mission — to transform the world's excess textile materials into premium upcycled goods, recycled fibers and downcycled goods — aims to eliminate global textile waste while inspiring people and businesses to reduce their impact on the planet. Looptworks embodies the philosophy to use what already exists, employing unique circular design principles to create their limited edition upcycled products. Their partnership provides zero- waste to landfill solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands including Eddie Bauer, Adidas, SHEIN, the NBA, Alaska, Delta, and Southwest Airlines. Looptworks is based in Portland, Oregon.