US Chamber of Commerce: Looptworks Revolutionizing Clothing Industry

Looptworks CEO, Scott Hamlin sat down with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to talk on redefining what a supply chain looks like and what can be done with it.

Through partnerships with the likes of the NBA and United Airlines, Looptworks has restructured waste streams to save water, reduce carbon emissions, and space in your local landfill.

Furthering their mission with NBA superstar CJ McCollum, together they've supported the Boys & Girls Club via a mask donation campaign to keep them safely covered.

Rerouting valuable resources initially headed to landfills, the company has produced a wide-spectrum of American-made works of art, from travel essentials made from repurposed airline upholstery and uniforms, to face masks, to sharp ways to show your team pride — Proving that sustainable fashion is a good look both environmentally and stylistically.

By placing planet and people before profits, they've paved a new way of business both for consumers and fellow businessowners.

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