Carry-On Collection

About the Carry-On Collection

Alaska Airlines is consistently ranked in the top echelon of airlines committed to lessening their impact on the environment. From reducing flight emissions, to improving the energy efficiency of its buildings, to implementing innovative recycling programs, Alaska strives to keep our planet healthy. As it came time to replace the leather airline seat covers from sister carrier Horizon Air, they approached us to come up with a cool upcycling project to find these old seats a new home.

In order to give this beautiful material a second life, we knew we had to make products that would stand the test of time. Backed by our lifetime warranty, each piece in the Carry On Collection is made with top quality stitching and components, ensuring this will be your go to travel item for years to come.

Since it’s upcycled, the Carry On Collection eliminates the need to make new leather, which saves an estimated 1,500 gallons of water per product!