Can a t-shirt really change the world? Our upcycled t-shirts can certainly help. It takes over 400 gallons of water to produce a single cotton tee. At Looptworks, we make our t-shirts from excess materials diverted from the apparel industry. By upcycling our shirts from excess, versus virgin materials, we help conserve water and avoid carbon emissions — plus help divert quality materials from landfills. Upcycled from repurposed premium fabrics rescued from the Apparel Industry, we utilize these quality excess materials to create items in limited edition batches, all while conserving resources. Considering the apparel industry wastes millions of pounds of materials each year and the amount of water needed for a single t-shirt, that is a lot of impact for one little t-shirt. Now imagine if everyone you knew had a single upcycled t-shirt… it’s time for everyone to start giving a shirt about the planet! 100% of Looptworks products are made in factories that employ fair labor practices, resulting in sustainably produced apparel that is as ethically made as it is stylish and comfortable.