Women's Bike More Monsters Tee

Saves 400 gallons of water
Saves .5 pounds of excess

Riding your bike shouldn't be scary, which is why we created the Bike More Monsters Tee. Riding bikes is fun for everyone, even monsters. However, biking to work safely every day can sometimes take a monstrous effort.

For bike to work month, our goal is to encourage more folks to try bicycles as an option for commuting to work. Join us as we participate in the Bike More Challenge!

Upcycled from repurposed premium poly-cotton blends rescued from the Apparel Industry, this gray upcycled t-shirt saves over 400 gallons of water over t-shirts made using virgin materials.


  • 100% upcycled material from the apparel industry
  • Poly-cotton blend
  • Designed fit
  • Limited Edition


Want to learn more about how we calculate water savings? Check out this post in our blog.

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