Patagonia x Looptworks: Catch & Release

Patagonia & Looptworks Wader Upcycling

Patagonia fly fishing waders turned food & drink storage? You're right - it sounds too good to be true. Almost. Scroll down to read about the story behind the Catch & Release collection as well as our partnership with Patagonia. 

The Story of the Catch & Release Collection

Upcycled from retired Patagonia fly fishing waders, the neoprene and merino wool food and drink carriers in the Catch & Release collection will not only keep hot items hot and cool things cold, but you’ll be the hit of the lunch room (or if you're like us, the summit) with the unique story behind them.

excess booties

The Problem: What do you do with thousands of unused Patagonia fishing wader booties?

When it comes to environmental causes, social responsibility, and sustainability, fellow B Corp and frequent brand partner Patagonia is known for leading the pack.

Most manufacturers and retailers end up with excess inventory and deadstock - it’s simply part of the business. But what the brands do with that excess is where they get set apart.

Some of it ends up at discount stores. Some get donated. But most brands simply send the excess to the landfill. Instead of simply throwing unwanted products away, Patagonia contacted us, and we put our collective minds together to create a unique product you can't find anywhere else.

upcycling patagonia wader booties

Our solution: Deconstruct the wader booties, utilize the neoprene and merino wool, and transform them into the perfect carriers for weekend-long hauls and the weekday grind alike.

Giving quality materials new, longstanding life is what we do best, and what better materials to work with. The neoprene is water-resistant and protects against bumps and drops. The merino wool liner insulates the contents, keeping drinks and food at the right temperature. And the Looptworks quality and Loopt4Life lifetime warranty mean your purchase will outlast the elements.

field testing our upcycled food and drink carriers

Field-tested by our team of outdoor enthusiasts, the Catch & Release food and drink carriers are suitable companions no matter where life takes you - from the city to the backcountry.