Delta Air Lines - The Upcycle Project

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delta uniform collections

Looptworks is proud and excited to announce new brand partner Delta Air Lines and their company-wide collection efforts taking place right now.

One of the largest, single company textile diversion programs in US history to date, thanks to this program 350,000 lbs. of retired textiles are being diverted from landfills (where they would decompose and release harmful methane gas into the atmosphere).

Most airline materials and uniforms are sent to be incinerated due to security concerns. Instead, the Upcycle Project will focus on diverting these materials into one of three streams:

  • Upcycling
  • Downcycling
  • Donations

In addition, all the materials will stay in the US as opposed to being sent overseas.

sorting Delta uniforms at Relay Resources in Portland, Oregon

Partnering with our partners Relay Resources (Portland) and Bobby Dodd (Atlanta), the uniforms will be sorted and deconstructed with viable materials transformed into new products.

The new collection of upcycled products will available for purchase this fall. Bookmark this page or sign up for our newsletter to receive a notification of when the collection launches!

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