Langlitz Leather Loopt Classics & Voltaic Collections

Langlitz Leathers Excess Leather Duffel Bags, Wallets, Totes, Waist Bags & Dopp Kits

Upcycled from Langlitz Motorcycle Leather. It begins with the material. The leather for Loopt Classics came from, the family-owned business that defined the genre for today’s motorcycle jacket, and continues to make the finest leathers in the world. Langlitz jackets have been the go-to choice for the Hells Angels and have been worn by Johnny Depp, Bruce Springsteen, Benicio Del Toro, and Neil Young. Designed to be classic pieces of uncompromising quality, our Loopt Classics Collection is made using durable excess leather from Langlitz Leathers in Portland, Oregon. 100% made in the USA in limited editions with a lifetime warranty. Check out these premium bags and wallets or scroll down to check out the story behind our bags! We chose a minimal, timeless design for each piece so that you’ll be using your Loopt Classics long after your wardrobe goes out of style. Over a lifetime of use, the leather will soften and develop an antique patina, resulting in a travel companion that wears the scrapes and bruises of your adventures. Read more here
With Loopt Classics, our goal was to create an homage to the golden age of American craftsmanship in which beauty was a natural byproduct of attending to every detail with uncompromising quality.