Moto Collection

Upcycled from excess motorcycle jacket leather, the Moto Collection was designed taking its inspiration from motorcycle culture.

About The Moto Collection

Each piece in the moto is made from the toughest leather around, and comes from our friends at Langlitz Leathers. Langlitz hand-selects its leathers from New York, Texas, and Nebraska for its durability, comfort, and longevity. Over the years, your Moto piece will become suppler and develop a beautiful patina that is the signature of all Langlitz leathers.

Langlitz Leathers logo

Family owned since 1947, Langlitz defined the genre for today's motorcycle jacket.

Langlitz shop

Langlitz Leathers are a symbol of quality and an icon of motorcycle heritage. A 1950's Langlitz Cossack jacket recently went at auction for $15,000.

Langlitz motorcycle jackets

The Moto collection is upcycled from the excess leather left over when Langlitz makes its jackets, so you can expect the same level of quality. 

A Partnership with Lana MacNaughton

For the design of the collection, we partnered with Lana MacNaughton. Lana is the founder and photographer of the Womens’ Moto Exhibit, an international photo exhibition documenting the new wave of modern female motorcyclists.

With Lana’s help, we worked out a number of awesome features so that each piece could withstand the rigors of travel on and off the bike.