Royal Robbins x Looptworks: Packable Travel Collection

Packable. Lightweight. Functional. Perfect for when life throws you more than you can carry. Upcycled from Royal Robbins brand fabrics, the bags of the Packable Travel Collection are limited edition, built to last, and backed by the Loop4Life Guarantee.


Scott Hamlin, the CEO and Founder of Looptworks, is also a Royal Robbins Alumni. During his tenure working for Royal Robbins, Scott was inspired by Royal’s forward facing vision on clean climbing in the US and how environmental stewardship was key to protecting the world’s wild and natural places.

Taking a page from Royal’s playbook, Scott started looking into the Athletic and Outdoor Industry practices around how to make products more environmentally responsible. In his research, he realized there are many materials being left over in the manufacturing process that end up getting destroyed without ever being used. 

Scott saw an opportunity to use creativity, design and innovation to rescue these excess materials and upcycle them into new products, which then formed the roots of Looptworks today.

When Royal Robbins wanted to divert their excess materials, naturally, they reached out to Looptworks. Things came full circle for Scott, and a partnership was born. 

We are excited to offer these functional, packable travel bags made from the left over materials of the favorite Expedition travel shirts. They are ideal for both the outdoors and urban environments and pack into a built in stuff sack when not in use. Better yet, every product conserves water, avoids carbon emissions, and gives new life to landfill-bound materials.