Power of the Purse

Bags & packs that give back

Power of the Purse is one of the most talked about fashion events in Portland. A fundraiser for Girls Inc of the Pacific Northwest, designers are teamed with "Purse-O-Nalities" to create one-of-a-kind handbags that are auctioned off to support local programs.

In 2016, Looptworks collaborated with NBC Grimm's Claire Coffee and Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest to create the Calvin backpack.  

Our goal: create Claire Coffee's ideal backpack that would gel with her busy lifestyle. From the get-go, the synergies between Claire and Looptworks’ design team promised a phenomenal end result. And The Calvin is just that: A bag that is light-weight, durable, designed for one-handed use, and looks great whether you’re running errands or going out to dinner. 

A Partnership with Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest

The original backpack was created for the annual runway-style fundraiser, The Power of the Purse. Each year, Girls Inc. pairs “Purse-onalities” with designers to create one-of-a-kind bags, which are then sold at auction. Some of these bags bring in as much as $10,000 to support Girls Inc.’s mission of giving young women the tools they need to succeed. For The Calvin, Claire Coffee was the "Purse-onality," Looptworks was the designer.  As a way to show our support, 10% of the sale of each Calvin Backpack continues to go toward Girls Inc. programming.

Design Process

“From the get go, it was like Melanie and Tamara were finishing my sentences. Everything they did was so on point with what I think of as attractive and useful. The finished product exceeded my wildest expectations."

--Claire Coffee reflecting on designing The Calvin

We couldn't say it better ourselves. From the 14 concept sketches, to the 4 prototypes, to the hours and hours of honing and fine-tuning, we are so excited about the end result of The Calvin Backpack. Materials, features, pockets, hardware, weight, size, functionality--everything was taken into consideration to design the perfect bag for today's parents, though getting there was quite the process!

The Calvin Backpack is available in all black as well as green and black. Click here to shop now!