At Looptworks, the only thing we scrap is the typical way of doing business. We've pioneered an environmentally friendly approach to product design and production. Our solution is simple: use less to make more.



We identify and rescue high-quality materials that are left over from premium good manufacturers.


We don't just turn waste into something. We turn it into something beautiful and useful for your everyday life.


100% of Looptworks' products are crafted in factories that employ fair labor practices.


We bring these limited edition, hand-numbered products to you and seal it with our bulletproof Loopt4Life guarantee.

What is upcycling?

Our products are created from excess materials that would have otherwise been incinerated or ended up in landfills. Transforming waste materials into beautiful products of greater value is upcycling at its finest. Not only is it repurposing with a purpose, it is saving the Earth’s resources. Through the process of upcycling, we are taking steps toward a better, healthier environment.

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