Case Studies

The best way forward into the future is together. Our biggest successes are our collaborations with other brands, partnering with them to create and produce sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for their excess.

Repurposing Excess

We're more than a company that produces goods — we're also a waste reducer, working with other brands to identify and provide solutions for waste streams that have the potential to be upcycled into sellable goods.

Portland Trail Blazers — The Portland Trail Blazers came to us with 4,000 obsolete game jerseys to dispose of. We created new limited edition products, making wearables out of what was once wearable. 

Southwest Airlines — In order to conserve fuel, Southwest Airlines replaced heavy leather seats with a lighter weight material. We repurposed these seat covers into the In Flight Collection, a popular line of bags and accessories.

Alaska Airlines — Also looking to reduce weight of their planes, Alaska Airlines approached us when they were looking to replace the leather seat covers from their sister carrier Horizon Air. We transformed these materials into the Carry On Collection. 

Creating Sustainable Promotional Products 

Cycle Oregon — We can provide sustainable promotional products for companies or events. Recently we teamed with Cycle Oregon to produce sustainably made event t-shirts for their premier event, Cycle Oregon. We also utilized their excess tent flies, upcycling them into new products.