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Join the upcycling movement to help the environment

Our weekends are spent in the mountains or by the sea, and conserving resources to save the environment is important to us. Towards that end, all of our sustainable bags and packs are fashioned using rescued excess materials.

Huge amounts of water, energy and other resources are depleted to create the raw materials we use today. Avoiding the use of virgin materials in manufacturing requires far less energy, and helps preserve natural resources. It also keeps these materials from being incinerated or being added to landfills, which reduces pollution caused by waste.

Durability & Lifetime Warranty

When sourcing excess materials, we only select high quality materials as durability is a priority to us. After all, the longer a product lasts, the less impact it will have in the long run. Our lifetime warranty covers any defects or manufacturing failures and everything we make is guaranteed for life.

If something happens to your Looptworks product outside of our warranty, send it back to us and we'll repair it for a reasonable price.