making a bag upcycled from Boeing seat belts

Frequently Asked Questions

What we do is still fairly unique, so understandably, you have questions. We're dedicated to transparency in our process so we can all make an impact.

What does Looptworks actually do?

We fabricate new products and apparel out of industry excess materials. By implementing our upcycled process, we are attempting to progress the movement to close the loop in an industry that creates an enormous amount of waste. 

Where are your products made?

Some products are made in the US; many here in the Portland area. Some are made overseas. It all depends on where we find and source the excess materials used to make the products. We manufacture as close as possible to where we source our materials to lesson the environmental impact of producing our products. 

We are actively exploring ways to lower our carbon footprint and shift towards regional production. If you are a North American textile manufacturer with excess materials, we would love to hear from you.

What's the difference between pre and post-consumer waste?

Great question, you’re not the first to be confused by that. Basically, pre-consumer waste has yet to reach or be used by consumers. Other than our aviation collections, this is what we utilize for our gear. Top quality, never used, always durable and attractive.

Post-consumer waste is what results after you the consumer have had your way with a product. You know, what you toss in the blue bin! This is what gets recycled, or more accurately, downcycled. 

How many items do you make in each of your Limited Editions?

Depending on the amount of material we get, we will generally fabricate from 100 to 500 limited edition products, using every inch until it runs out. Each piece is hand numbered by color and style, connecting you to the fact that you have now prevented this material from going to landfill. 

Why are your products so expensive when you obtain your materials for free or at a drastic discount?

This is a reasonable question, and one we're more than happy to shed some light on. First off, all the products we make include a lifetime guarantee. Our goal is less waste, so we only source high quality materials for our products. They all cost money, as nothing is free, even materials that we save from landfill or incinerators. Once the mills or factories find we want these materials, they assign a dollar value back on it, although it would potentially cost them as much or more to dispose of it. We also incur fees to store and transport the materials we've rescued.

Admittedly, we didn't pay for the seat cover leather we received from the airlines. However, in order to make the materials viable, we had to clean the seat covers and deconstruct the seat leather, which takes a significant amount of labor, and must be performed by hand. To do this we partnered with a non-profit that employs adults with disabilities here in Portland, creating jobs. All of this contributes to the final cost of goods.

All of our products are made in limited batches, which also costs more, due to the economies of scale.

What criteria do you use to define your products as sustainable?

We believe a product is truly sustainable when it is made so well, it doesn’t need to be replaced frequently. This is in direct conflict with the prevailing method of product development many companies practice. At Looptworks, we reject the “make it cheap, make it disposable” mode of thinking and have a deep commitment to upcycling.

We work hard to bring you a long lasting, well-constructed product that will stand the test of time. We design quality products with lasting fabrics, enforced stitching, and use materials that already exist - saving energy, water, and carbon emissions.

Did you know that only 1% of everything that’s purchased in the USA, is still in the USA after 6 months?

If you want to delve deeper and become a more conscious consumer/designer/creator, we encourage you to watch The Story Of Stuff.

What is your warranty policy?

Everything we make is build to last, and we back that up with a lifetime warranty. We believe the longer a product lasts, the less waste we see in the long run.

Low-impact products aren’t just about how they’re made, but about how they hold up. The longer a product lasts, the less waste we see in the long run. So if you have a problem with any Looptworks product, simply return it to us and we'll repair it. To initiate a warranty, please email

I'm an international customer and I had an unpleasant surprise from FedEx: a bill for receiving my bag. I don't understand why since I already paid a shipping cost from you.

We're sure this is frustrating! This charge is a result of international customs fees and duties, which are separate of shipping fees. FedEx has an explanation of this here. This is a frustrating reality of shipping internationally, and we are always looking for a better way to communicate this, as well as provide better or alternative shipping options.

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