We’re creating the next generation of fibers that can be infinitely recycled into new, high-quality textiles.

Fiber to Fiber Recycling is the Future of Circular Fashion… AND the future is here!

 Fiber-to-fiber recycling has the potential to transform how we produce clothes and reduce waste. By collecting and recycling old clothes back into new fibers, we can create a circular system that drastically reduces the waste generated by the fashion industry and reduces the need for virgin resources. By closing the loop on textile waste, we can create a regenerative system for producing clothing, where the materials used to make new clothes are sourced from existing ones, and the end-of-life of clothing is seen as the beginning of a new product rather than waste. The Looptworks team is in the process of opening a facility in the Pacific Northwest that will be dedicated to providing circular solutions for textiles, including advanced fiber-to-fiber recycling.

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