Get Loopt4Life: our lifetime warranty

Bought something from us? If your Looptworks product ever has an issue, please let us know.

When sourcing excess materials, we only select high quality materials as durability is a priority to us. Everything we make is build to last, and we back up that promise with our Loopt4Life guarantee*, our ironclad promise that our products can be trusted to last a lifetime. After all, the longer a product lasts, the less impact it will have in the long run. Our lifetime warranty covers any defects or manufacturing failures and everything we make is guaranteed for life.

We'll repair it or if need be, replace it. 


Looptworks is not responsible for damage caused by negligence or wear and tear outside of defects in manufacturing. However, we still have your back! If something happens to your Looptworks product that falls outside of our warranty, send it back to us and we'll repair it for a reasonable price. Contact us at backtalk@looptworks.com and we'll do our best to get you sorted.

*You are responsible for getting the item back to us, but we'll cover the shipping back free of charge. (we recommend using a service that allows tracking) 
*Note: due to the high cost of international shipping, we're unable to cover the cost of shipping items overseas. Please contact us and we'll do the best we can to help!

Items must be cleaned before being returned for repair or replacement. 

Warranty Registration

If you received your Looptworks items as a gift or purchased it through one of our online and retail partners, please be sure to register your new product within 30 days, using the form below.