One giant step to a cleaner environment

Hi friends, 

For 14 years, Looptworks has been selling upcycled apparel and gear to loyal fans like you. Now, we would like to invite you to join us as we embark on our next exciting phase of creating a fully circular textile facility.

As we turn our focus towards building this new facility, we are making one significant change — starting on Earth Day 2023, we will no longer be selling Looptworks branded products on our website. Moving forward, our north star will be building out the circular infrastructure necessary to lessen the global textile industry’s impact on our climate.

Our vision has always been to close the loop in the textile industry by ensuring every product is made with circular materials that can be regenerated. This is why we're called Looptworks. Collaborating with like minded businesses and our community is the cornerstone of our work and we look forward to helping many more partners join the circular economy by weaving zero waste solutions into their supply chains.

In the months ahead, Looptworks will be building the only facility in the United States capable of providing upcycling, downcycling and circular fiber solutions to our current and future textile partners. This will enable our partners to close the ‘loop’ by making new textiles and apparel using virgin-quality fiber from recycled garments. Yes, this means being able to turn old garments into new garments. Pretty cool, huh? And the way it should be.

Please join us on this exciting journey as we make this transition. The creation of the Loopt Circular facility is a monumental advancement for our company and we look forward to sharing our progress with each of you. We will be posting stories and images of our new facility, the process of bringing together our new state of the art equipment, and introductions to new team members joining to help us grow and manage this huge endeavor.

Thank you so much for your support over all these years and purchasing Looptworks products.  We hope that you will enthusiastically join and cheer for us as we navigate the next steps to creating a cleaner, more earth friendly solution for the textile industry.

Yours in circularity,

Scott Hamlin & The Looptworks Team