The Classic Leather Duffel

The Classic Leather Duffel

By using excess motorcycle jacket leather from Langlitz Leather, we are able to minimize waste and create a product that aligns with our commitment to sustainability. We are proud to partner with a local business that shares our values and supports our community.

The Weekender Duffle bag is upcycled from excess Kite Sail ripstop material.
The Weekender Duffle bag is upcycled from excess Kite Sail ripstop material.

Sensi Graves & Excess Kitesails

When it comes to adventure, having the right gear is crucial. We wanted to create a collection of essentials that were rugged, functional, and stylish. After weeks on the road, we know that it's gear like this that you find yourself appreciating the most.

That's why we partnered up and brainstormed on how we could best work with our chosen medium - leftover kite material. The result? The Sideshore Collection - a line of go-to, grab-and-go essentials that refuse to fade even after miles of adventures.

Not only are these pieces functional and stylish, but they also align with our commitment to sustainability. By using leftover kite material, we are keeping petroleum-heavy textiles out of our landfills and minimizing our impact on the environment..

Brands We've Partnered With

Pearl iZumi x Lootpworks partnered to upcycled unsold riding jackets into new bike bags
United Airlines x Looptworks partnered to upcycle leather airline seats into travel bags
Langlitz Leathers and Looptworks Collaboration taking excess motorcycled leather and crafting high-end travel bags
Southwest Airlines x Looptworks collaborated to turn old leather airline seats into new high end backpacks, totes, crossbody bags, and more