We are Looptworks, and we are experts at turning waste into opportunity. From custom products to global supply chain management, we offer a number of partnership opportunities that can improve your business, clean up your supply chain, and excite new audiences. Together, we can vastly relieve the impact of consumerism on the environment.



We can design and produce custom, limited edition products for your employees or customers.

We can transform your excess into an asset that connects you to your customers and strengthens your brand.

We can implement reverse logistics, takeback programs, and other services that help close your manufacturing loop.

We can compose and distribute your story for maximum impact, inspiring your audience and attracting new customers.

"Looptworks’ staff worked tirelessly on sourcing a durable fabric, securing the fabric at the source, transporting it to a fair trade factory nearby and even helped to redesign the aprons. The end result: a beautifully branded, low impact, highly durable apron with a very cool story behind it.”

--Shama Alexander, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

“We’ve worked with Looptworks for several years and they’re great. One of the items we ordered from them was a brainstorm that entailed a lot of creative development and work, that they really brought to life. Everything has been smooth sailing since. They are clear leaders in sustainable materials and process."

--Andi Rose, New Belgium


Create Products

Through our global supply chain of excess materials, we can design and produce custom, upcycled products made just for your customers or employees. These products can be customized to match your brand or event.  

In the process, we can issue carbon offsets and water-restoration credits to advance your CSR goals.

Transform excess

Looptworks has a proven track record of taking the excess materials that no one wants and making magic happen. Some of our partners want to transform their excess into a product for their customers. Others are just tired of the wastefulness and expense of landfilling perfectly usable materials. Wherever you sit on the spectrum, Looptworks can help you find a solution.


Close the Loop

In a closed-loop system, products at the end of their useful life are collected and recycled to create the raw materials for the next production run. We can work with you on one or all of the points in the value stream to help your company close its manufacturing loop.


Tell the Story

A partnership with Looptworks is a story that is as optimistic as it is tangible. In our partnership with Southwest Airlines, we turned 40 acres of iconic blue and tan leather seat covers into a premium bag collection that conserved millions of gallons of water.

Looptworks expertise in PR and digital marketing ultimately landed 300 billion press impressions for Southwest, turning people into fans and fans into super-fans.  Not bad for old seats!

Concrete Results


People demand authenticity from brands. Show your true colors by making decisions that reduce waste.       


Many products are designed to be discarded, but Looptworks products are the opposite - they are designed for use while reducing waste.


We offer our partners carbon and water offsets, which can then be applied to your Corporate Social Responsibility Program.


Everything we make comes with an ironclad, no-questions-asked guarantee, including gear we make for partners.

Drop Us a Line

We love talking with like-minded people. Whether you have a project you’d like to partner on or you are interested in learning more about how Looptworks partners, let's start the conversation.