Upcycled Felt & Leather Collection

The Story of Felt & Leather

For the Felt & Leather Collection, we partnered with FilzFelt, makers of German-milled, 100% Merino wool felt. World-renowned for its exceptional quality, this felt is used in homes and offices for a variety of applications, including wall panels, curtains, and carpets. Ever been to the offices of Evernote, Yelp or Square? Then you’ve seen FilzFelt’s work. Humans have been using felted wool for centuries for warmth and comfort, and FilzFelt continues that rich tradition with a modern twist. The wool is accentuated with premium excess leather from the footwear industry — leather that is sought after by some of the biggest designer footwear brands for its exceptional quality and beauty.

Wool: An Earth-Friendly Material

from Sheep For Filzfelt, a commitment to the environment is already in their DNA. Wool is a naturally renewable fiber that comes from sheep. It’s biodegradable, rapidly renewable (once shorn, it grows back!), and has a small carbon and water footprint relative to other materials. It has inherent durability, dye-ability, and beauty that is difficult to achieve with synthetic fibers.

Repurpose with Purpose FilzFelt

was founded by “two felt-loving designers,” and the love FilzFelt continues to show for this material is evident. By the time we sat down with Filzfelt, the company was already finding ways of upcycling and downcycling the different types of felt remnants, offcuts, and end of bolt excess. They thought it was just too beautiful to throw out. But as Filzfelt continues to grow, more felt excess is created, and they’ve been looking to find more creative uses for this material.

Looptworks Felt & Leather Collection