Upcycling Process

We're not a typical brand. Because of our philosophy of only using only what already exists, we take a very different approach to design from other manufacturers. In order to discover materials in need of rescue, we work with a global product-sourcing network to find, recover, and develop products.


 how we do it

Our design process is unique; as opposed to starting with a blank slate, we start with the materials. Employing factories that employ fair labor practices, we aim to create timeless, useful and functional products capable of providing years of service. 

Where does "excess" come from?

Ever wonder how all this excess material is generated? The fashion industry is the biggest culprit. Read more about the Upcycling process. to read more about how the textile industry generates so excess it has to throw it away. 

See what can be created from industry excess:

Patagonia fishing Waders are now upcycled Lunch Bag and Wine Totes

Langlitz Leather motorcycle leather excess is now Premium Luggage

NBA Jerseys are now upcycled Backpacks, Dopp Kits, Waist Packs & Rolltop Bags

Nossa Familia Coffee Sacks are now Duffel Bags, Backpacks, Tote Bags, & Waist Packs