Backpack - Neoprene & Leather (Re-Loopt)

Saves gallons of water
Saves pounds of excess

Understated back and grey creates a statement look in this Loopt Lab brainchild. Our Seam Team created this pack with excess neoprene from the wetsuit industry. With grey leather accents, this item is a fascinating conversation piece, whose story grows mile after mile of your own road trips and getaways. Safely keep both tech and travel essentials away from the elements in this literally one-of-a-kind creation.

The Loopt Lab is your way to get your hands on completely original works of art, made from high quality upcycled materials once headed to our landfills, now headed to your next adventures. When building the collections you know and love, our Seam Team oftentimes will craft test runs and experiments that will never be seen again. Get your hands on something uniquely yours. 

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