Loopt Classics - Moto Sling Bag (Re-Loopt)

Saves gallons of water
Saves pounds of excess

After partnering with our neighbors at Langlitz Leathers, we saw endless possibilities with their equally soft and stylish leathers. In this literally one-of-a-kind creation, our Seam Team elevated the textured detailing of Langlitz's jackets, seen in the pockets and hardware closures.   

The Loopt Lab is your way to get your hands on completely original works of art, made from high quality upcycled materials once headed to our landfills, now headed to your next adventures. When building the collections you know and love, our Seam Team oftentimes will craft test runs and experiments that will never be seen again. Get your hands on something uniquely yours. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Low-impact products aren’t just about how they’re made, but about how they hold up. The longer a product lasts, the less waste we see in the long run.

That’s why everything we make comes with our Loopt4Life guarantee, our ironclad promise that our products can be trusted to last a lifetime.

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