The Upcycled Mask - Voyager Plaid

Saves gallons of water
Saves pounds of excess
Saves kilograms of carbon emissions

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Made with donated fabric from our friends at Pendleton® Woolen Mills, each mask keeps premium materials out of the landfill and lowers the demand for disposables. Exceeds CDC recommendations with two layers of tightly woven cotton plus a third, outer layer of Pendleton cotton. Designed to withstand repeated washes and dry quickly, keeping them comfortable and like-new wash after wash.


  • Made in the USA
  • CDC compliant
  • Made from 100% upcycled materials
  • Made with two layers of high thread count cotton plus a third, outer layer of polyester
  • Adjustable aluminum nose bridge for a custom fit that offers all-day comfort 
  • Stays comfortably in place via elastic bands around ears
  • Approximately 8.5" x 5.5", fit for adults
  • Accordion pleats that adjust to your face shape
  • Guided by CDC recommendations to withstand repeated washes and guaranteed to stay comfortable and like-new.

Sizing Help

To determine which size you need, take a flat ruler and place it next to your nose. Measure from the bridge of your nose to the point of your chin. Choose Small/Medium if you measure LESS than 5”. Choose Large/XL if you measure MORE than 6" (or if you have facial hair).


    • See our Mask Care 101 for detailed use and care instructions.
    • Use the white rubber pieces (included) for a more snug fit. Here's how!
    • Suitable for machine and hand washing. Use mild detergents. Wash after each use.
    • If the mask feels large, machine wash to shrink for a better fit.
    • If the ear loops seem too long, knot them to shorten the length.

    * Due to health concerns, we are unable to return or exchange masks, but please contact us if any issues arise.

    Please select all options.

    Color: Sandy Flannel [S/M]

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Robert M.
    Great mask. Fit is perfect.

    Great mask. Fit is perfect. Love my Pendleton.

    David E.
    Fits perfectly, and I love

    Fits perfectly, and I love the adjustable nose bridge. Hands down my favorite mask.

    Craig C.
    Comfortable, fits well with no

    Comfortable, fits well with no gaps. Great pattern work!

    Cecilia W.
    It's a bit smaller than

    It's a bit smaller than the other masks they make, which is great because my face is apparently smaller than average (according to the fact that I have trouble finding face masks that aren't too big). After reading another review on Looptworks about how the different colors of their face masks are all slightly different sizes, I decided to try a bunch. I also love how it feels sturdy, is a multi-layered fabric, is upcycled, has things you can put on the ear loops to tighten them, and I love the solid but bendable nose bridge!

    Kevin C.
    Stylish and washes well. Perfect

    Stylish and washes well. Perfect .